Every 10 days we’ll offer a different, out of print Quarrelsome Yeti design. IF that design reaches a MINIMUM of 15 orders it’ll print & ship. If not, all pre-orders get refunded and we’ll move on to the next one. If you REALLY want something printed, you can help get it printed by sharing it with all your friends.

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New Print! Seahorsies

In these strange and terrible times, I' feel very fortunate to have a socially isolated studio space where I can take refurge ans spend time making stuff. Making art is a great coping mechanism for me and ever since we've been locked in, I have been working on a new series of 12 x 12 silkscreen prints. These Seahorsies are the first in that series. 

Print Details
Size - 12" x 12" 
Edition - 85
Layers 8 
Price - $40

Grab one for yourself HERE

Bird Boy - PRE-ORDER

Order early and Save 7 Bucks! The Bird Boy is wandering through a fertile meadow on a bright n’ starry full moon evening. Where is he going? What are his dreams? 

Pre-orders will ship September 25.

Printed by hand with eco-friendly water based inks on super comfortable Cotton/Poly  “Black Aqua” ts.

Available Right Here

Seabeast V - Blue Ringed Octopus

Seabeast V is larger than the previous three at 12" x 36". I treated myself to a new three-foot squeegee, that I'm calling Squeegeezilla, just to print it. These prints should be much easier to frame than my previous prints in the series. You should be able to find standard 12 x 36 frames at most frame shops, or if you are too busy to shop, you can check out frames on Amazon. 

Grab one for yourself here!

So many colours in the Lobster Rainbow.

I had a lot of fun with this run of prints. I experimented with a few different colour blends through the edition and no two prints are exactly the same. Check out some of these process pics. 

rainbow print 1

Grab one for yourself here!

Event Updates!

Hey Gang, 
This spring is going to be fairly busy for the Quarrelsome Yeti. We have a number of events booked, here's where you'll be able to find us in May

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New Print! "Some Starlings"

Here's our latest print. "Some Starlings". Is a 7 colour screen-print. 10" x 20" edition of 130. Check out some detail pics, and a breakdown of the different layers in this print below!


Grab one for yourself here!

New Art Print - This Barn Ain't Big Enough

Hey Gang,

We Just dropped a new print in the shop.
"This Barn Ain't Big Enough" is an 8 colour 20" x 30" silkscreen print. I learned a lot printing this piece, I've never done an 8 colour print before, and at 20" x 30" this is the largest print I've done to date. 

Check out this gallery of process pics. 


20" x 30" - Edition of 75 Signed & Numbered
8 Layers - Printed by Hand. 
$65 - Prints are shipped in a sturdy cardboard tube. 
Available Here

Fox of Spades - Pre Order

Hey Gang, Happy Fall! We are excited to announce a new limited edition T design. The "Fox of Spades", existed as a very short run art print, but after many requests we have decided to offer it up as a T. It is part of a series of playing card illustrations. I really enjoy the format, [...]

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Studio Tour

My friend Brett Kibbler came by the studio a few weeks ago and put together this fun little process video. check it out!

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