New Work - Feb

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Been a productive idea month, nothing is printed yet, but I’m looking forward to putting some of this new stuff out there. 


ONE OF A KIND TORONTO - NOV 27 - DEC 2 ( for me anyways)

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Hey friends, 
I’m heading to Toronto in a little over a week to peddle my wares at the One of a Kind show in Toronto. I’ve never been to this show, OR to Toronto before, so I’m quite excited, nervous, but excited. 

I’ve been printing my face off for the last few weeks & I’ve got lots of stuff in stock. There are some new prints, and new kids and adult ts, I’ll preview them in the days to come (or you could check out my instagram @whostolemybike, I post process pics on the regular). 

If you want to come, check this out, you can even get a discounted ticket here!

Halifax Pop Explosion

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For the last few years, I’ve been submitting posters to the Halifax Pop Explosion’s poster series. This year, I was thrilled to get to do something for Eugene Mirman’s performance at Reflections Cabaret. I’m pretty excited for these shows.

Here’s the poster:

Come check out the show!

Happy Thanksgiving.

In other big news ONE OF A KIND

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I got into the One of a Kind show in Toronto! I applied back in April & had been on the waiting list up until I got the call early this month. For the next two and a half months I’ll be working flat out to prepare for this show, finish fufilling my Indiegogo orders & getting ready for the Xmas rush. It’s a little overwelming, but also very exciting. If you live in Toronto & you are interested in attending the show, click the image below It’ll give you a discount code for tickets to the show. I’d love to see you there!

Discount Code for One of a Kind Winter 2012 

Indiegogo Perks will start shipping Early Next week!

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I totally promise. I was waiting on a bag order & a scoop coater. The scoop coater isn’t here yet, but I borrowed a friends & I’m printing the bags this weekend. It’s going to take me a little while to fufill all the orders, but I will do my best. BTW here’s a preview of the first Subscription T. 


Off to Sappy (Aug 3 - 5)

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I’m going to be vending at Sappyfest in Sackivlle NB all weekend. This is one of my absolute favorite shows to vend at, Sackville is a magical littel town & Sappy is always a blast. If you are in town, come by and say hello. My table at the Seaport Market will be open as usual. 


Quarrelsome Yeti Fundraiser

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You May have noticed a little indiegogo widget on the left side of my page. The Quarrelsome Yeti (me) is moving out of town, and I won’t be able to get out to the studio that I currently use to proint all of my stuff. So I’m trying to raise some funds to put together my own print shop. So far it’s goign great, but we’ve got a ways to go until we’re fully funded. 

I’ve set up “perks” for each support level that I think are pretty fair, it’s more like a mass pre-order than anything. I’m pretty excited to have my own print studio, and I think once I get it up and running, you’ll see marked increase in the amount of stuff coming from the Quarrelsome Yeti. 

Check out the Campaign here :

These two out of print tshirts are availabe for order ONLY throught this indiegogo campaign. They Are currently out of print, but I’m bringing them back one last time to help out with my fundraiser.



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These guys are really good, and it was super fun to work on this design. 

and here’s one hot off the press


Check these guys out if you can : KUATO 


NEW WORK - Freak Lunchbox

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A couple of months ago I was thrilled to get to work with the Halifamous candy shop Freak Lunchbox. These guys were amazing to work with, and they basically let me do whatever I pleased. I’m really happy with the results. 

Check em out -


New Design! The Quarrelsome Yeti Wrastlin' Co

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I printed two new designs last week. I’m super happy with them. This first one is going to replace my original “Fightin’ Yeti” design in my stock. I think I may updated this character every year or so. Waterbased print, 2 colors on American Apparel 50/50 Heather Black T’s.  

Here’s a Detail:

New stickers!

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Just got some new stickers in from . I’ve been ordering from these guys quite a bit, I’m pretty happy with the print quality, and I’m extremely happy with their turnaround time. I stuck one on a lampost outside of my house a couple of years ago, and it’s still holding on pretty strong, they are pretty rugged. 
Check em out!