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Quarrelsome Yeti Fundraiser

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You May have noticed a little indiegogo widget on the left side of my page. The Quarrelsome Yeti (me) is moving out of town, and I won’t be able to get out to the studio that I currently use to proint all of my stuff. So I’m trying to raise some funds to put together my own print shop. So far it’s goign great, but we’ve got a ways to go until we’re fully funded. 

I’ve set up “perks” for each support level that I think are pretty fair, it’s more like a mass pre-order than anything. I’m pretty excited to have my own print studio, and I think once I get it up and running, you’ll see marked increase in the amount of stuff coming from the Quarrelsome Yeti. 

Check out the Campaign here :

These two out of print tshirts are availabe for order ONLY throught this indiegogo campaign. They Are currently out of print, but I’m bringing them back one last time to help out with my fundraiser.


New Design! The Quarrelsome Yeti Wrastlin' Co

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I printed two new designs last week. I’m super happy with them. This first one is going to replace my original “Fightin’ Yeti” design in my stock. I think I may updated this character every year or so. Waterbased print, 2 colors on American Apparel 50/50 Heather Black T’s.  

Here’s a Detail:

New stickers!

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Just got some new stickers in from . I’ve been ordering from these guys quite a bit, I’m pretty happy with the print quality, and I’m extremely happy with their turnaround time. I stuck one on a lampost outside of my house a couple of years ago, and it’s still holding on pretty strong, they are pretty rugged. 
Check em out! 

How am I staying sane? Part 1

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This job is pretty lonely, I share a studio with someone, which helps, but when I’m drawing It’s usually in a room by myself. I’ve been listening to posdasts for a few years now, there are so many amazing shows avaialable now totally for free, and on demand, that it is mind blowing. Here’s a few that I use to keep my mind stimulated while I draw:

The Long Shot Podcast - With Eddie Pepitone, Sean Conroy, Jamie Flam, and Amber Kenny
I can’t get enough of Eddie Pepitone, I’m new to this one, but I like it so far. 

The Dana Gould Hour - Dana Gould is a terriffic comedian, and he used to be one of the head writers for the Simpsons. It’s very well produced, and funny. There’s a gritty B movie undertone to this show that I really love. Eddie Pepitone is on this a bunch too.  

WTF with Marc Maron (of course) This show is pretty popular, I love hearing artists talk about what they do, and Maron is a great interviewer. 

Bullseye with Jesse Thorne - This is the show that got me hooked on podcasts. I absoultely love it. It’s fun, and they’ve introduced me to lots of awesome stuff. 

The Nerdist - More great interviews, and the “Hostfull” episodes are just as fun 

Illustration Underground - I used to listen to these two guys years ago on different podcasts before I started working professionally. This is a new show , and there’s only a few episode. It’s pretty good so far.

Adventures in Design - Speaking of good Illustration / Design podcasts… This is absolutely my new favorite. The two hosts of this show, are super talented illustrators, the show is entertaining, and informative. I just wish there where more episodes. 

Radiolab This show is wonderful, it is beautifully produced, and its its inspiring. Also, you’ll learn something, probably. 

I listen to a bunch more, and I’ll post more in the future. If you know of any good ones, please let me know. 

Finished Pug

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I decided to finish that pug sketch. I took a screen grab of the process. This is probably around 2 hrs total of drawing. 

I usually have one or two random sketches on the go to warm up. It takes me about 20 minutes of drawing, especially with the tablet, before I can get my lines to work the way I’d like them to. This usually leads to a bunch of random, finished illustrations.  

Metal Mouth Wednesdays

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I’m going to be “live painting” during tonight’s Metal Mouth Wednesday show. I don’t paint very much, but I usually have a pretty good time at these things, not sure what I’ll be painting. Hopefully it isn’t awful 


Catpocalypse Meow T Available Now

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I can’t explain this one, the title came before the image, but if it works out, this may spawn a whole new brand spinoff, featuring EXCLUSIVELY t’s with Kitten themed war movie titles. Feel free to send me suggestions.